Get a powerful smart home when you combine a Rock Island home security system with home automation

A home security system can help make a safer home. Home automation makes your house more efficient. But when you merge home security and home automation into a comprehensive, streamlined system, you create a robust smart home. Just get the devices you prefer and you have a home that will make your life safer and easier.

You select the Rock Island, IL home security and home automation components right for you

Vivint has an array of accessories and services for your Rock Island smart home. Each accessory pairs with other Vivint devices in one user-friendly system. Pick from:

  • Residential security: Motion sensors, glass break detectors, and high-pitched alarms

  • Fire and home safety: Monitored smoke detectors, CO alarms, flood sensors, and medical emergency pendants

  • HD cameras: Outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, and doorbell cameras

  • Home automation: Smart thermostat, smart lighting, smart locks, and smart garage door openers

  • Round-the-clock monitoring professionals: When an alarm trips, your Vivint monitoring professional will communicate with you and emergency departments

The Vivint App is your mobile base for all your automation and home security components. View live feeds and record short clips from your security cameras. Lock your doors and arm your alarms from anywhere. Set zones so that your home system works without you lifting a finger. With the Vivint App, you have full control of your smart home.

Stay in a more efficient and secure home

When you combine your Rock Island home security system with automation, you’ll quickly discover that your life is smoother and more comfortable. Your home routine seems to work as it should without added effort. With a few swipes of the Vivint App, you’re able to:

  • Turn down the lights and thermostat from your cellphone when it’s family movie night.

  • Raise the garage door and turn off your security system when you arrive home from work.

  • Not worry about forgetting to lock the doors or turn on the alarm when you set up an evening routine.

  • Adjust the lights and thermostats automatically depending on the time.

  • Operate your Vivint smart home with vocal commands via Google Home or Amazon Echo

Access your smart home when you’re away

Your home automation and Rock Island home security system is still responsive after you leave the house. The mobile app makes it easy to:

  • Receive messages on your phone when your security cameras pick up suspicious activity.

  • Set limited use door lock codes for visiting friends or family or a house cleaner.

  • Use the 2-way audio on your doorbell camera to chat with people who are on your front porch.

  • Raise the thermostat so it’s warm and toasty when you are home from work.

  • Talk with a real monitoring agent when you have an alert from your security, fire, or flood alarms.

Rock Island IL security system

Your customized Rock Island home security system begins with a single quick call

To start building your smart security system, call (563) 674-6116 or fill out the form. A Vivint agent will show you your options and help you create the perfect system for you and your family. Don’t wait to call today!